EquitiesFirstTM Holdings Rebrand Marks Ambitious Growth Plans

(Hong Kong, 21 December, 2020) – Equities First Holdings, LLC, a global leader in asset-backed financing, today introduced a new corporate brand and identity. The firm and its seven global subsidiaries (as of 21 December) will be known as EquitiesFirstTM (“EquitiesFirst”). After 18 years in business, the rebrand reflects the firm’s dynamism as it enters a new phase of growth and expansion.

  Founded in 2002, EquitiesFirst is a specialist in equity-backed financing, operating globally in all major financial markets. EquitiesFirst’s investment model provides loan capital to equity shareholders. The total value of loans transacted stands at US$2.5 billion as of 1 December 2020. This is a testimony to the hundreds of cases in which EquitiesFirst has supplied liquidity to founders, investors and other long-term shareholders.

  The new brand name does not signal any change to EquitiesFirst’s innovative investment strategy. However, its mission is now encapsulated in the phrase “Progressive Capital”, a new expression for EquitiesFirst’s business and the benefits it brings to financing partnerships. EquitiesFirst’s Founder and CEO, Alexander Christy, Jr. said today, “We are creating a new paradigm for capital. Progressive Capital represents the best that financing can be: accessible, vital and transformative.”

EquitiesFirst has also taken this opportunity to codify the values at the core of its success as a global financial institution:

    1) Founded on respect: respect and fairness form the foundation of the relationships with our partners. EquitiesFirst recognizes the shared experience of entrepreneurship, living through market cycles and establishing a long-term legacy.
    2) Here to help: ultimately, business is a connection that takes place between people. Effective partnership requires empathy, sincerity and innovation to adapt to unique and dynamic situations.
    3) Genuinely invested: alignment of interests drives EquitiesFirst’s model and creates value for all parties involved. The business grows when our partners grow and when they return to us over time.

  This evolution of the brand reflects EquitiesFirst’s business growth and ambitions. As transaction volumes continue to increase, EquitiesFirst has demonstrated its commitment to regional markets by investing in a global footprint with 12 offices across eight countries.

  In the wake of this rapid advancement and the firm’s new brand, Mr. Christy shared his reflections on EquitiesFirst’s origins and path forward, “I can trace the original idea of EquitiesFirst back to 1997 when I brokered a loan against shares for a small family-owned apple farm. That capital not only saved their business and legacy but was also the inspiration for our business model. I am proud of the impact we have had over the last 18 years around the world. Today, we take the understanding of EquitiesFirst, and define ourselves for the next 18 years and beyond”.

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About Equities First Holdings

Founded in 2002, EquitiesFirst is a global investor specializing in long-term asset-backed financing. EquitiesFirst’s approach overcomes traditional limitations and redefines the financing experience through providing efficient access to capital for listed companies, entrepreneurs and investors against publicly traded securities. The total value of loans transacted stands at US$2.5 billion as of 1 December 2020.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, USA, EquitiesFirst maintains an international footprint of twelve offices in eight countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, China, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Australia. EquitiesFirst is appropriately licensed and/or registered in all jurisdictions.

EquitiesFirst is the pioneer of Progressive Capital – a partnership approach to investment, rooted in respect, mutual interest and understanding. EquitiesFirst delivers liquidity solutions that are vital, transformative and move partners forward.

For more information, please visit www.equitiesfirst.com/.


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