As a notable highlight of our 20th anniversary, EquitiesFirst enlisted Institutional Investor Custom Research Lab (“II Research”) to co-produce a landmark Global Equity Markets Research, along with regional insights into the expectations and strategies of global investors focused on the markets of Asia Pacific, Europe and North America amidst heightened macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainty.

The Near-Term and Mid-Term Outlook Amid Inflation, Rising Rates, Global Conflict, and Pandemic Recovery

The North America report is conducted among investment decision makers at foundations, pensions, endowments, and asset management firms to gauge their outlook for equities over the next two years, examining the findings among CIOs, portfolio managers that focus on North America’s equity markets.


Geopolitical Risks

tied to the war in Ukraine, climate change and cyber-lawlessness sponsored by governments or private enterprises are cited to have the most immediate bearing on North American equity markets

Smart Beta Strategies

are greatly preferred by North American investors that are likely to be most effective in delivering high returns for equity allocations over the next two years

IT and Healthcare Sectors

are seen as sound investments by a majority of investors focused on North America, while real estate and financial services are less appealing


With geopolitical uncertainty exacerbating the challenges of high inflation and interest rates, investors interviewed for this report observed that individual governments are taking increasingly nationalistic views of economic policy and their role in the global trade and finance systems.

Balancing Dollar’s role

The US is seeking to balance the dollar’s role as a reserve currency as it tames domestic inflation without excessively slowing the economy. However, US dollar dominance could gradually diminish as more trades are settled in other currencies.

US and China

Investors are also aware of the growing rift between the US and China. Their rivalry looks set to intensify, fuelling trade and tariff concerns, but a full decoupling is unlikely considering the US needs cheap Chinese imports, and China needs American technology.

Disruptive technology and climate change

Investors view innovative technology providing downside underperformance and upside gains. Meanwhile, they are also eager to harness global climate change for economic benefit, seeing opportunities to develop solutions to associated problems such as low-carbon energy transition.

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