Equities-based financing allows an investor*, typically with concentrated holdings, to use their equities to unlock liquidity for other needs while still maintaining upside participation in the stock.

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Non-recourse equities-based financing means that in the event of a default, the provider of financing can only use the transferred equities to satisfy the obligations of the investor* under the terms of the financing. The investor* has no further obligation or risk of personal assets.

It refers to financing (usually through fiat currency) in exchange for crypto assets.

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At EquitiesFirst, we accept most major coins.

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EquitiesFirst provides single-stock financing to investors* through a sale/repurchase (equity repo) structure involving publicly traded securities. In practice, the transaction is a temporary transfer of ownership (typically 3 years) to EF and in return the investor* receives attractive finance terms. We use our proprietary capital to offer competitive terms and are often able to finance against listed equities considered challenging by private banks.

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We are able to provide non-purpose and non-recourse liquidity against competitive terms, including the equivalent of a high loan-to-value ratio and low fixed-interest rate, while the investor* is entitled to all future market appreciation.

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No. The funds may be used for any purpose.

For nearly two decades, we have upheld high standards in regulatory compliance, internal controls and due diligence. EquitiesFirst has no external borrowings or investors. As part of EquitiesFirst’s proprietary global portfolio, it uses only its own money without relying on third-party sourced capital, and its underlying fund is managed and rebalanced as needed over the life of the investment period. The portfolio is diversified across countries, sectors and time intervals, to ensure discrete and systemic risks are mitigated and well-managed. EquitiesFirst is licensed and/or registered in all jurisdictions where required.

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This is subject to your shareholding, your role in the company and the reporting requirements of your jurisdiction.

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No, the voting rights transfer with the shares. However, EquitiesFirst abstains from voting and refrains from any company management decision-making. For more information, please leave us a message and we will advise according to your case.

For equities, the margin call threshold is 80% of LTV.

We issue a written notice when there is a margin call event, and there will be a 5-day period to top up. It is the shareholder’s option to top up or terminate the transaction, while keeping the investment proceeds with no further obligation. We are happy to provide a tailor-made analysis for your case, please feel free to reach out to us.

EquitiesFirst does not lend or rehypothecate shares to third parties and we are contractually prohibited from any naked short selling of the shares. As a long-term financing provider, EquitiesFirst does not exercise voting rights of the shares or get involved in the underlying company’s strategy or management.

* Only accredited investors, sophisticated investors, professional investors, and otherwise qualified investors (who have sufficient knowledge and experience in entering into securities financing transactions)