Shelter from the storm:
Investing in the era of uncertainty

In partnership with The Economist Impact, EquitiesFirst delves into topics that most concern investors across financial markets. Through the “Shelter from the storm: Investing in the era of uncertainty” podcast series, experts will break down emerging financial risks and help listeners better manage and identify investment opportunities as the global economy is again facing severe headwinds.

In this five episodes series, we will speak to wealth management experts on how investors could mitigate risks from potential future obstacles such as de-globalization and intense rate hikes, as well as ways to best position themselves to ride out the storm.

Can Asia Pacific benefit from deglobalisation?
Arnulfo (Noli) de Pala
Arnulfo (Noli) de Pala,
Chief Investment Officer,
Trilake Partners, Singapore
Gareth Nicholson
Gareth Nicholson,
Chief Investment Officer,
Nomura, Singapore
Is the world becoming bipolar? In 2020, covid-19 and the resulting disruptions to supply chains shook the foundations of the globalised economy. Companies that had earlier embraced offshoring of manufacturing and sourcing, pivoted to bringing production home, or "onshoring".